Friday, May 22, 2015

Cheers! A Place Where Everybody Doesn't Know Your Name (A Seriously Write Blog Post)

David Koepp. Chuck Lorre. Brian Garfield.

Ever hear of these people?

Do Jurassic ParkThe Big Bang Theory, and Hopscotch ring any bells?

Come read my blog, "Cheers! A Place Where Everybody Doesn't Know Your Name," to learn about these writers.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Reading Rainbow Doesn't Shine Everywhere...But It Can (A GFA Blog)

Imagine if you couldn't read these words.

Why would you even be here right now?

And think of all the things you do read on a daily basis.

If you could not read, how would that affect your life?

Give it a few minutes. Let your mind replay your average day. Don't forget the mail...and the cereal boxes...and the prescription medication bottles...and the driver's license test you took years ago...and the...

Now, how would you life be different today if you were never taught to read?

Or what if, in addition to not being able to read, you can't write either.

You're unable to even write your own name.

Would you say literacy is crippling? The ability to read and write is one of the most basic privileges a human can acquire. One we often take for granted here in the West (Oh, and by the way, thank God for your teachers who taught you these skills).

Yet, as commonplace as these skills seem, they are foreign to millions of people.

However, there is something you can do about it.

Gospel for Asia has a literacy program. With literacy comes so much more.

Come hear how Asian women, who are not allowed to attend school, are being helped.

Thank you.