Friday, July 24, 2015

God's Still on the Throne (A Seriously Write Blog entry)

You’ve probably heard the news.

Abingdon fiction. 


They join a long litany of publishers and imprints that have decided to get out of the Christian fiction market in one way or another citing the bottom line as the main reason. No one can blame them, really. It is a business. Businesses have to stay afloat.

So, what's the answer for authors? Come read my blog, "God's Still on the Throne."

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Everyday of a Dalit (A GFA Blog)

A small girl walks barefoot around a half-starved dog lying in her path. She picks her way over garbage and sewer-sodden ground as she approaches the rag hut that is her home. She is unaware that life could be lived any other way. This is a day in the life of a Dalit.

In light of our recent celebration of freedom here in America, it's hard to believe people like Dalits even exist. Some 300 million Dalits or “Untouchables” comprise the lowest rung of the still-practiced Hindu caste system. These people are despised, viewed as subhuman, and treated like dirt. They are made fun of in comedy shows like The Big Bang Theory by writers and actors who do not understand the depths to which depraved humanity can plummet. If they only knew, then maybe they would reach out to these "Untouchables" with all the resources they have instead of using them as a punchline.

Read about the lowest of the low HERE and pray for these little ones.

Thank you.