Friday, October 23, 2015

My Story - Part 1 (A Seriously Write Blog entry)

Ever wonder how writers get into the business of writing? Ever wonder how their journey unfolded? Come read Part 1 of "My Story."  

Monday, October 5, 2015

Inside a South Asian Kitchen (A GFA Blog)

Everyday a mother in South Asia spends a lot of time preparing food for her family, especially with the extremely basic kitchen most Asian women are forced to use. Consider the kitchen in your own home – it’s probably very different from the one pictured here.

When we fret about our Formica counter tops and are envious of the new granite counter tops displayed on House Hunters, maybe thinking of this kitchen will offer a different perspective.
Yet, even in the midst of conditions that would send a health inspector into a coronary, women like this still provide for their families.
You can learn more about the plight of Asian women HERE.

A Special Treat from North India
We’ve provided a recipe for chapatis, a flat-bread that is typically made three times a day in Asia. If you try making chapatis, let me know how they turned out in the comment section below!

Chapatis are unleavened flat breads and are often served with every meal in north India. They are torn into smaller pieces and used to pick up food from the plate. Much of a day can be spent cooking in an Indian household. 

Give these a try and ponder the fact that many ladies in India can make these up to 3 times a day over a wood fire.
This recipe makes 12 chapatis.
Items needed: Griddle, rolling pin

3 cups - white whole wheat flour or chapati flour (if you have an Indian supermarket near you)
1 1/2 cups - milk or water (you might need more or less depending on how dry your flour is)
Salt (a few dashes)
1 Tbsp.- Ghee* (clarified butter), or vegetable oil. (You may need extra when rolling.)
*To make Ghee: melt butter on low heat, when it is all melted pour into a heat safe vessel. For example a glass canning jar works perfectly. Allow the melted butter to settle, skim off foam on top, and pour off the oil. Leave the white residue in the bottom of the jar.

Mix flour, salt, and liquid to form dough.
On a clean surface knead oil into dough till smooth.
Let dough rest for about 10-20 minutes, cover with damp towel.

Separate the dough into 12 balls.

These are a child’s hands – the dough is about 1 inch across.

Add a few drops of oil to the rolling surface and flatten the ball, start rolling it out then fold it into a triangle and roll it out into a circle again. Repeat then roll it into a circle about the size of your hand.

Place on a medium high hot griddle and cook until the top is puffy and the bottom golden brown, then turnover and cook the other side.

Repeat until all your chapatis are cooked. Serve warm.