Friday, March 23, 2018

The Alone Syndrome (A Seriously Write Blog)

Our pastor, preaching on Matthew 26 recently, mentioned that when we sin, it usually happens when we are alone. That’s when the decisions are made. That’s when the actions are carried out.

He gave the example of verses 69-75. Confronted by a young girl about his relationship with Jesus, Simon Peter fell into the sin of denying His Savior…when he was by himself. James, John, Matthew, and the rest of the disciples were not around.

It made me think about King David. As he stood on that roof, watching Bathsheba bathe. There was nobody there to grab him by the shoulders and shake him into his right mind.

The same goes for the believer in Christ, our pastor said, who falls prey to temptation. Like porn, for instance. Nobody watches it while the family is in the same room.

Or what about the person who “cooks the books” of a successful business in order to bilk Uncle Sam out of tax revenue or drive up the stock price? This person probably is not going to share this with the rest of the company’s employees or stockholders.

The point is, our most egregious sin usually occurs when we think nobody is watching.

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