Saturday, January 7, 2017


Greetings & Happy New Year!

As we entered the holidays of 2016, a thought came to mind.

As an author, I know a great many authors. Some I know pretty well. We've met at conferences, sat at book signings together, etc. On the other hand, there are some authors I know just by what's on their author page in the back of the book or what's on their website, if I take the time to visit it. However, in the midst of filling pages with words, how well do I really know these folks? Better yet, how well do the readers know these folks? Authors are people, too. They have lives. They face struggles. They "put themselves out there" for all to see, in a creative, artistic sort of way.

So, I prayed. The result was this new blog series, which will appear on the second Wednesday of each month. It will feature one author. The questions are designed for you, the reader, to get to know the author, open up a dialogue, and maybe, develop a friendship and a bond as something resonates between the two of you.

I hope you enjoy our series. Please let me know. Feedback is always good.

Sincerely in Him,


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